Priva seracılık otomasyonu ...

Priva 1959 dan beri seracılık otomasyon sektörün de aktif

HORTİTEKNİK TARIM, 2008 dan beri sulama, otomasyon ve Priva sistemleri projelendirme, 

satış ve kurulum yapıyoruz, 

Alireza Rezaei

Priva bayısı 

Yapay Zeka seracılık ta

Plantonomy™ steers transpiration according to the natural biorhythm of the plant.

 It alters settings based on what the plant needs, when it needs it. 

And it does this allby itself.

Plantonomy is a cloud-based service, based on smart algorithms that follow the

 plant’s biorhythm. It autonomously controls a large part of the climate settings 

every five minutes regarding irrigation, ventilation, heating, screening, and lighting 

of the greenhouse. The algorithm makes sure the water balance of the plant is

 steered according to the plan of the grower at each time a day.

By being in control of the water balance, uptake, transpiration and drain, 

growers are in 

control of the plant growth”. The result? Fewer disruptions in growth and therefore a consistent crop development, predictable quality and yield and an increased 

span of control.


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The latest weather station is equipped as standard with six advanced sensors for temperature, outside humidity, wind speed, wind direction, radiation, and rain sensor. This can be extended with a Pyrgeo (radiation) and a PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) sensor.